Alex Phippen
Alex Phippen
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Meet Alex, a dedicated professional rooted in Winnebago, Minnesota alongside his family. Graduating from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and South Central College in Mankato, Alex holds certifications in Emergency Medical Services and Welding, showcasing his diverse skill set.

With a background in livestock and ethanol production, Alex found his true passion in the realm of real estate. His current endeavors involve curating a robust portfolio of rental properties, a testament to his commitment and enthusiasm for the industry.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex is an avid adventurer. Whether kayaking through serene waters, camping under starry skies, or exploring new destinations, he finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors.

With an innate friendliness and a wealth of real estate knowledge that belies his years, Alex approaches each client interaction with zeal. His ambition and eagerness to learn make him a valuable asset in assisting both buyers and sellers, guiding them toward their ideal properties or investments.